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MAPPEM Geophysics

MAPPEM Geophysics is a company proposing its highly qualified team’s expertise in electromagnetic measurements and data processing in the marine environment.

We are experts in marine Electromagnetic measurements and instrumentation.
Our state-of-the-art equipment, developed in-house by our highly qualified engineers is at your service for your worldwide projects.

Our objective is to provide the best quality services and technology  for your projects. We are pushing the marine EM technologies forward.

Our Vision is to develop the use of electromagnetic services and imaging from shallow waters to the deep ocean, from buried object localisation to geophysics and deep marine ressources.



The applications possibilities of marine electromagnetics are large.

Electromagnetic measurements are the 6th sense in the marine environment. It allows you to see and detect what was invisible before.

First as passive measurements, marine electromagnetics is a key measurement for corrosion control, cables and infrastructures impact assessment, or the quiet detection of vessels.

With an active signal, a broad spectrum of new applications appear, from objects localization (Archeology, UXOs, pipelines, cables), geophysics (resistivity imaging), and also other applications such as electromagnetic barriers.

Resistivity imaging itself has a broad range of applications, and buried objects detection can be of use in various projects too.


If you have any questions about marine electromagntics, contact us at  contact@mappem-geophysics.com



Meet the Team

Fish_7582small Jean-François D'EU Co-founder and CEO

Being PhD in physics and electronics engineer, Jean-François has led the development of various innovative projects in marine instrumentation.....

Fish_7669small Pascal Tarits Co-founder and Scientific Advisor

Professor of the University of Brest, Brittany, Pascal is an expert in electromagnetics applied to geoscience.

modele Christian Hérisson Senior Geophysicist - Business Developper

Christian is a well-know Geophysicist, expert to help our clients to find the best solution for their projects.

DS1_0902symsmall Alexis Lepot Data Analysis and interpretation expert

ENSTA Engineer, Alexis has strong physics knowledge, good marine experience and an innovative mind.

DSC_7583small Fabien Gaspari Electronics and MAPPEM expert

Fabien is an Electronics Engineer, mastering all hardware of the MAPPEM system and expert in the development of our new products.

mappem-instrument Anne Maisonneuve Software Engineer

Anne is a scientific computer engineer, developping our new inversion softwares.

carte Quentin Daverdisse Electronics Engineer

Quentin is a young creative engineer, working on developping new electronics.

MAPPEM_Logo-RVB_exe Judith Flamme PhD Student

Judith is working on the Geosismem project. Her purpose is to make the link between modern Geophysics and Geotechnics.

Made in brittany

Location of MAPPEM's offices on a map of France

Spin-off from the University of Brest, MAPPEM Geophysics is a start up developing the use of electromagnetic imaging  techniques in the marine environments. Anchored in the West of France, with a strong innovative and marine background and culture.

In our development and project we are and have been supported by (but not only):





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