Back in Mayotte to study the geothermal resources

The BRGM is leading a project about the study of geothermal resources in Mayotte. In this framework, MAPPEM Geophysics realized electromagnetic measurements in July 2021 using the STATEM system.

The objective of the campaign is to precise the geothermal resources in the vincinity of Mayotte. Indeed, the study of their electromagnetic signature will allow localizing and quantifying better these resources.

We then deployed three STATEM stations. Divers positionned them on nine recording sites located in the lagoon, West of Petite Terre. Each station could record the natural electromagnetic fields during 48h before being deployed on another measuring site. Deployment depths varied between 5m to 25m below the sea surface.

MAPPEM Geophysics was in charge of the deployment of the STATEM stations, whereas the company IMAGIR will process the recorded electromagnetic data.

The campaign realized in July 2021 was following the first measurements carried out in Mayotte with STATEM stations in 2019. Thus, the nine sites studied in 2021 in the West of Petite Terre completed the two sites already studied in 2019.