UXO, Buried Objects detection and localization

Marine Buried objects detection and localization is finally solved with the MAPPEM systems:

Combining high current injection, high sensitivity electric field measurements at high frequency, and our proprietary BODIES data processing, MAPPEM Geophysics can detect and localize all buried metallic objects. All metals can be detected, including aluminum, titanium, or copper based alloys.

The MAPPEM System can  record DC resistivity values and induced electromagnetic signals during the same survey!

Buried Metallic objects such as pipelines, cables, UXOs, are often difficult to detect localize, particularly if their magnetization or ferro-magnetic content is small :

The MAPPEM systems are the only ones capable of directly detecting non ferrous LMB mines, buried or not.

Injected current simultaneously measured

The MAPPEM sytem and BODIES data processing allow the detection and localization of buried metallic objects.

Applications include:

DATA EXAMPLES – Genuine LMB detection:

This image shows the signal obtained on a real german LMB (luftmine) from WWII. LMBs can be detected up to 5m away.