The STATEM system

The STATEM system is a new fixed measuring instrument with relatively small dimensions (platform of 1.0m x 1.0m, with 4 removable 2m arms) and its weight is about 25kg. It is possible to weight it by an additional 60kg.

Equipped with a 3-axis fluxgate magnetic sensor and two perpendicular electric dipoles, this instrument records 5 components of the electromagnetic field at a rate of 512 points per second. It allows fields to be measured with better accuracy than with a towed system, because the data are not disturbed by the movements of the measuring instrument, and the recording is much closer to the source of the electromagnetic disturbance.

The STATEM system is a passive measurement instrument that can be used to evaluate electromagnetic noise generated by anthropomorphic infrastructures. STATEM allows, in addition to PASSEM, to measure the variations of the electric and magnetic field over time.

It also provides magneto-telluric transfer functions for geophysical studies (detection of geothermal sources, for example).