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Our methodology

Discover how MAPPEM Geophysics is using strong current injection and precise multi-electrode potential measurements to enlight the subtratum and objects and modelize the marine resistivity image of the geological structures, with our unique systems.

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The MAPPEM System

The MAPPEM system has been specifically developed for marine resistivity measurements and buried object localization, with outstanding measurement performance.

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The PASSEM System

The PASSEM system, derived from the MAPPEM instrument, is dedicated to passive electromagnetic measurement for environmental impact assessment.

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BODIES UXO localization

Based on the MAPPEM system, the BODIES DATA processing tools allows real time localization of any buried objects. Pipelines, Cables, ferrous or non-ferrous UXOs, archeology objects can be detected in the instrument’s range.

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MAPPEM Principe

Our clients

Comparison Resistivity- Seismics

The comparison of MAPPEM resistivity data and seismic data shows the great interest of resistivity to complete or replace other geophysical techniques

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