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Any questions? Any project?

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About Us

MAPPEM Geophysics (established in 2015) is an innovative French company specialising in marine electromagnetics. We develop state-of-the-art electromagnetic instruments and methods and conduct electromagnetic site investigations and surveys for nearshore and offshore projects. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with new insight into the characteristics of the marine subsurface, the location of potential buried hazards and objects, and the measurement of ambient electromagnetic fields in the marine environment.

From our workshop near the rugged coast of Brittany, France, our dedicated team is always on deck to help deliver greater knowledge about your marine subsurface or environmental challenge.


Our highly sensitive marine electromagnetic systems can be used for several challenges:


Our electromagnetic systems and services are used in many sectors, such as:


At MAPPEM Geophysics, our vision is to be the pioneering force in marine electromagnetics, revolutionising geophysical imaging, object detection, and environmental assessment. Our independent spirit fuels innovation, driving us to develop state-of-the-art systems that provide accurate and reliable electromagnetic and resistivity data to redefine what’s possible in marine site investigations, empowering clients to make informed decisions.

With a passion for the sea, we tailor solutions not only for efficiency but also with safety in mind, prioritising the well-being of our team, clients, and the marine environment. We believe in collaboration as a force multiplier. Whether it’s partnering with other companies, research institutions, government agencies, or fellow innovators worldwide, we’re committed to collective progress.

Mappem Geophysics the team


Mappem GeoPhysics LeSystemeMappem


The original MAPPEM system is towed just above the seabed and is designed for geophysical resistivity imaging of the subsurface and buried object detection.

Mappem GeoPhysics LeSystemeMappem3D


The MAPPEM-3D system is designed to detect and locate buried objects with precision over a swath of 5 m. This system is particularly well suited to non-ferrous objects (e.g., LMB mines).

Mappem GeoPhysics LeSystemeMappemS


The MAPPEM-S system is an adaption of the original MAPPEM system that has been designed for very shallow waters (0-10 m water depths).

Mappem GeoPhysics LeSystemePassem


The PASSEM system is a towed tool dedicated to the measurement of the ambient electromagnetic fields in the water column.

Mappem Geophysics Services measurement of ambient electromagnetic fields


The STATEM system comprises autonomous marine magnetotelluric measuring stations. They are used for the measurement of ambient electromagnetic fields and mapping geothermal plays.


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Over time

A journey through the dates that mark the key developments of MAPPEM Geophysics.


Development of a mobile electromagnetic imaging tool.


Mappem Geophysics

Creation of MAPPEM Geophysics, a spin-off from the University of Brest.



Development of a 3D imaging system.



Development of a fixed system for passive measurement of electromagnetic fields.



Development of a shallow water electromagnetic imaging system.



Development of a high-speed inversion algorithm.


Our Team

Mappem Geophysics Jean-François notre équipe


Co-founder, CEO

Jean-François holds a PhD in Physics and Electronics, and has led the development of a number of innovative marine instrumentation projects.

Mappem Geophysics Pascal notre équipe

Pascal Tarits

Co-founder, Scientist

Pascal is Professor of Marine Geophysics at the University of Brest in Brittany, France. He is an expert in electromagnetism applied to the geosciences.

Mappem Geophysics Florent notre équipe


R&D Engineer

Florent has a PhD in Marine Geosciences and is an EOST engineer, with a solid background in the processing and interpretation of underwater geophysical data.

Mappem Geophysics Anne notre équipe

anne maisonneuve

Scientific Computing Engineer

Anne has an MSc in Applied Mathematics and develops our electromagnetic data modelling and inversion software

Mappe Geophysics Quentin notre équipe

quentin daverdisse

Electronic Engineer

Quentin is a creative engineer working on the development of new technologies that will equip our future systems to ensure ever-higher measurement quality.


Corentin Régné

Electronic Engineer

Corentin is an electronics engineer who uses his skills to improve our existing technology and create our future systems.


Paul Dubegny

Hydrographic Technician & Surveyor

Paul is a Cat-B surveyor who prepares and participates in our surveys. His responsibilities include operating, maintaining, and evolving MAPPEM’s systems.

Andrew Weller

Business Development Manager

Andrew has a PhD in Data Geoscience and has extensive international industry experience representing several subsurface companies.


Guillaume Arzel

Physical Measurements Technician

Guillaume is doing his third year internship at MAPPEM. During his internship, he is working on characterising and improving the measurement systems developed by the company.

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